Wei Zhang, Ph.D.

About Me: I am a climate scientist with expertise in Climate Prediction, Extreme Weather, Climate Modeling, Machine Learning, and ESG.  

  • A climate scientist with expertise in climate modeling and prediction, holding dual positions in academia (Princeton University and NOAA) and industry (Microsoft).
  • A data lover with solid statistical skills in collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data based on MATLAB, Python, NCL, R, and ArcGIS; And a model lover with daily work of running regional and global climate models in high-performance computing systems.
  • An enthusiast for climate change solutions, conducting over 10 years of non-stop research on climate prediction and predictability of extremes and their socio-economic impacts, presenting climate issues and innovations in more than 15 international conferences.
  • A challenge seeker, continuously integrating new ideas and technologies in climate research, including the application of multi-model climate evaluation and AI/machine learning methods.
  • A self-motivated researcher as a leader or team player, leading or participating in five research grants (over 2,000,000 USD budgets), publishing about 20 high-level research papers/book chapters, and collaborating with over 100 scientists worldwide.

Research Interest

  • Climate Change and Prediction
  • Air-Sea Interaction
  • Extreme Weather & Climate  
  • High-resolution Modeling
  • Machine Learning  


Email: [email protected]   
Work Phone: (+1) 609-255-4007
Address: Princeton University Forrestal Campus
201 Forrestal Road, Princeton, NJ 08540-6649





Curriculum Vitae

See my latest Curriculum Vitae. 

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